Our Employees ROCK


As an organization, we recognize that leadership is a skill that can be learned by anyone and is not reliant on a position within a hierarchy. All team members should strive to develop leadership skills and use those skills to accomplish institutional goals. Team members should develop and execute initiatives to mentor, support and develop skill sets of other team members to accomplish individual and team goals. Leadership skills create capacity for growth and innovation and empower individuals to accomplish things together they could not do alone.


The only way that we can accomplish our mission as an organization is by embracing teamwork and collaboration across the organization and the institution. Team members should strive to be a collaborative member of their team and toward building relationships across the entire institution when appropriate. Additionally, team members should promote cooperation and teamwork by motivating others, delegating tasks and accepting responsibility. No single individual is capable of accomplishing our mission alone. 

Job Knowledge/Quality of Work

This is the baseline of whether or not a team member is accomplishing tasks and fulfilling the job duties in the position description. It is directly linked to quality of work product and ability to execute essential duties of the job. It is important because it is the foundation upon which everything stands.


Innovation is at the core of information technology. Team members are encouraged to show initiative and be creative in their work. They should be looking for innovative ways to positively contribute to our mission. This is important because technology is innovation and it is primarily through creativity and innovation that we can add value and become a strategic partner with the business.

Campus Engagement/Understanding the business

Though our function and expertise are in IT, we acknowledge that we are in the business of higher education. It is imperative that team members across the organization are actively engaged in the business of higher education. They should strive to understand the business and the stakeholders we support. Engagement can take many different forms and all are encouraged. It is important because the value of IT is in understanding and becoming a strategic partner with the business and this is only possible if IT values understanding of the institution and stakeholders at every level.

Customer Service/Attitude

We are a service organization and service is our mission. Every member of our organization must strive toward providing excellent customer service. Team members should exhibit a professional, positive attitude when dealing with customers, co-workers, managers, outside contacts and visitors. They should also strive to cultivate positive and constructive professional relationships with peers inside and outside of the ITS department which fosters professional and team growth. The way we treat our customers and each other, and the attitude with which we greet each day, reflects on our organization as a whole, and our credibility within the institution.